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ARK Gym COVID-19 Policies

Updated 8/10/20 Mandated by the State of Alabama for Athletic Facilities

  1. We are required to abide by the 6-foot distancing standards. All athletes will be placed 6 feet apart in their class and coaches will be instructing from a 6 feet distance.

  2. There will be limited hands on spotting at this time. If coach spots a child, they will wear their face mask and sanitize before and after contact of child.

  3. Mandated by the state of Alabama, all athletes MUST wear a mask when entering and exiting the gym. They will be able to take off their mask during class.

  4. Athletes MUST sanitize hands upon entry and exit of gym.

  5. Temperature will be taken upon arrival to the gym. Any athlete with a tempertaure 100.4 or above will be immediately sent home. Parents dropping off will need to wait to be sure temperature is ok before leaving car line.

  6. If you are bringing in a bag, it MUST be a drawstring bag to fit into our plastic bins. Athletes MUST bring their own water bottle to class, there will be no access to the water fountain. You can also have a personal sanitizer to carry with them in bag.

  7. There will be very limited access to the restrooms, please have your athlete go before they come to the gym.

  8. We have had to close off the parent viewing deck for the time being for our occupancy guidelines, you will have access to our SPOT TV app to login and watch classes from your car. No parents or siblings allowed into viewing area.

  9. ALL equipment and apparatus will be sanitized between use of athletes and all classes.

  10. Bins to store personal belongings will be given upon entry to gym and will be carried with each athlete through the entirety of class and will be immediately sanitized after use at the end of class when returning to staff member.

  11. Parents will need to drop off at door 5 minutes prior to class time – NO EARLIER. Parents will pick up at door at end of class time.

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