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5-14 y/o Gymnastics


Bronze Ravens 


No Pre-Req

Skills to be Learned: Vault: Run, Hurdle, Stretch Jump - Bars: Strong Concept of Pull Over, Concept of Backhip Circle, Cast (Hollow Body), 5 Second Chin Hold - Beam: Releve (Forward & Backward), Pivot Turn, Straddle to Kneel Mount, Lever to T, Stretch Jump - Floor: Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Cartwheel, Push Up Backbend, Stretch Jump, Split Jump. 



Silver Ravens  


All Bronze skills

Skills to be Learned: Vault:  Handstand Timber to 1 Mat, Stretch Jump up to Resi Mat - Bars: Pull Over, Back Hip Circle, Cast, Underswing and/orSole Circle Dismount - Beam: L to Stand, Lever, Side Handstand Dismount, Heel Snap Turn, Stretch Jump Stretch Jump - Floor: Roundoff, Handstand for 2 Seconds, Chasse Leap, Quarter Turn Quarter Turn, Backward Pike Roll, Back Walkover, Handstand Forward Roll.


GOLD .png

Gold Ravens 


Pre-Req : All Silver Skills

Skills to be Learned: Vault - Handstand Hop on floor, Handstand Timber on Mat  Stack, Straight Jump onto Vault Table, Jump Half Turn Off of Vault Table ; Bars -  Leg Cut Forward, Spotted Mill Circle, Leg Cut Back, Spotted Shoot Thru,  Beam - Lever, Leap, Split Jump, Spotted Handstand, Handstand Dismount Half Turn ; Floor - Handstand to backbend stand up (front), Handstand Straight Arm Roll, Concept of Back Handspring.


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5-14 y/o Gymnastics Classes

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